About us

At the beginning of 2005 we reorganised and grew out of the predecessor company SAM GmbH, or Deutsche Fischfangunion and Nordsee Deutsche Hochseefischerei.

We concentrate mostly on the ocean shipping industry, but we also operate in the industrial and the private sectors. We focus on mechanical engineering, steel and stainless steel processing, plant construction and machining technology. In our 2,000 m² manufacturing plant in Cuxhaven we currently employ 30 qualified staff and 6 apprentices, all from the Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven area. The location right by the Elbe in the Neue Fischereihafen on Cuxhaven’s Hansakai, with a dedicated pier and 9-metre draught (independent of tides and with its own dedicated power and water supply), guarantees user-friendly service.

TMT is geared up for today’s globalisation, and operates in areas all over the world. The established 24-hour service and offsite repairs, particularly for ocean-going shipping, are key strengths of Thiele Metalltechnik GmbH. We are exceptionally flexible and can respond to the wishes of our customers at any time. We offer a large distribution network, personal customer service, ample capabilities and well-equipped machine shop facilities.