Services / Steel construction

We weld all kinds of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium and all grades of carbon steel.

Our welders are experienced in all welding techniques, such as MIG / MAG / TIG, and arc welding.
Our welders are also trained in all current welding procedures and hold all valid certifications such as 111, 135, 136 etc.

We have obtained the appropriate certification and accreditation from DNVGL. In this field we can work with steel plates up to a thickness of 100 mm.

With machines such as a copy burning machine, a hydraulic straightening press with a pressure of up to 200 tonnes, an electro-hydraulically controlled three-roll roller, a hydraulic folding bench, or a hydraulic impact cutter, we can take on any work in this field.

The repair of the outer hull of a ship, a one-off exhaust pipe for the shipping industry, the overhaul and repair of a navigation buoy – we can do it all.

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