Services / Plant construction

In terms of plant construction we work mainly with stainless steel and aluminium.

We make all our products exactly according to your individual requirements, specific to the application and focussed on the product. As specialists in the field we develop tailor-made solutions in every area of sheetmetal working, even for complex challenges.

Be it industrial conveyor belts or a washing system for a golf club, the flexibility of our solutions knows no bounds. Are you interested in a stainless steel patio handrail that gives a beautiful look to your home?

But we can also build ‘once in a lifetime’ private use garden barbecues. We can do every kind of sheetmetal work here at TMT in Cuxhaven. Our customers’ one-off ideas and concepts are made 100% possible and are carried out.

Let us draw up an personalised quotation for you.



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